No No Hair Removal Reviews

Alright! You’ve obviously arrived at this page after reading a few No No Hair Removal reviews and you’re still trying to find some unbiased information, right? If I’ve guessed wrong then please accept my sincere apologies. You’re welcome to continue reading but don’t feel obligated to stay. Either way, if you choose to check out this information here’s what we’ll be covering…

First up, I’ll share with you some candid feedback from people who have actually used No No and you just might be surprised with what they have to say. I’ll then provide a balanced overview of how No No Hair Removal works with regard to getting rid of unwanted hair.

What Are People Really Saying?

As you may have already discovered there are many No No Hair Removal System reviews out there that seem to be at the opposite sides of the satisfaction spectrum; either people love it or they hate it. I can imagine how difficult it has been for you to sift through all of the confusion just so that you can decide whether or not No No can help you get

rid of your unwanted hair.  From what I’ve researched, it appears that most of the negative reviews are for the old No No Classic. Radiancy, the company that makes the device, took this feedback to heart and returned with a new model called the No No Pro.

I’ve found that most of the glowing, positive reviews are for the newer model. No No users are claiming that the No No Pro was able to remove over 60% of their unwanted hair growth after just six weeks. There are others that have seen over an 80% reduction in unwanted hair growth after just 12 weeks.

Radiancy’s biggest improvement on the Classic version was to enable the new and improved No No Pro to be used for removing the unwanted hair growth on your face. While researching this product, it appeared as though the lack of this feature on the Classic version was number one on the list of No No Hair Removal complaints. There are still a few people that don’t like the smell of burnt hair when using this product but it wasn’t much of a deal killer from what I’ve found.

After addressing most of these complaints No No won the prestigious 2011 Product of The Year award based on a nationwide survey of 60,000 shoppers.

How Does No No Hair Removal Work?

The company that developed this product, Radiancy, apparently uses a patented three phased approach based on scientific research in the area of thermal transference. This patented technology has been dubbed “Thermicon” and claims to do the following:

  • Contact Phase – First it transmits a gentle pulse of heat down to the hair follicle which removes all surface hair.
  • Crystallization Phase – Next, the hair root is crystallized into ash.
  • Disruption Phase – Finally, long term hair growth reduction is achieved when the thermal pulse makes its way through the follicle and disrupts hair growth at the root level.

This all occurs with no scraping, tearing or pulling during the hair removal process. There are blue and red indicator lights to help ensure that you are using No No correctly.

So Whats The No No Hair Verdict?

Does No No Hair Removal work? Well… the answer is a resounding yes according to 60,000 shoppers. I’d like to qualify that a little bit here in this particular No No Hair Removal review: If you are looking to try No No then I would strongly recommend that you go with the new and improved No No Pro series. There are a few things to consider before you pull the trigger:

  • Don’t bother with the Classic or No No 8800 version that you may find on Amazon or Ebay; I came across too many poor reviews during my research to recommend that old version.
  • Men, don’t fret! Although Radiancy may have focused their promotional campaign on women, there is also a No No for men.
  • Only buy from the official No No Hair Removal website. That’s the only place where you will find the risk-free 60 day trial which you can visit via the link I’ve provided below…



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